Employee Engagement

What Does it Actually Mean?

I like this definition:

Employee Engagement is where employees are committed to their company’s values and goals, are motivated to add to organisational success, while enhancing their own sense of purpose and well-being.

On that basis, the starting point is the company's vision, purpose and values. If these are not clearly defined, articulated and demonstrated, it shows a clear in-congruence between what they say they are and what they do to back that up.

In other words, employees will see and hear "Do what I say, not what I do". Not a good recipe for a successful business...

So how is this achieved?

Well, given the above, it's a no-brainer that it makes sense to find out what an individuals personal values and goals are. If they closely match the company's, and their natural attributes in addition to their skills and experience are a good match, then that puts them a mile ahead of most other business's.

It is a very simple idea whose time is coming, are you willing to get on board?

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James Bryden