The H-Factor

H-Factor Business Performance System

We believe that every person has the right and innate capability to create the extraordinary through meaningful purpose and inspired action. Our work empowers leadership through giving people the clarity of their purpose, the freedom to pursue it, and the confidence to drive it like they own it.

Why, what, how, when– and especially if - stuff gets done in your business is determined by the business culture. The best businesses nurture their culture to be fit for purpose, and regularly measure the behaviours it instils in those that work in it.

The H Factor will help you create an engaging and productive business culture that becomes your competitive advantage.

We will work with you to inspire the behaviours, actions and interactions that drive business performance.

We have developed an online accountability system that gives everyone in your business clarity of why your business exists, the positions required to deliver it, and the outcomes that they are accountable for. We call it H-Me.

We are proud to be Licensees of the H Factor Business Performance System

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